Let me tell you stories of three different “fathers” in order to help you understand what is going on today in technology world.

The first one is Gordon Moore, who was born in 1920 and was educated for chemistry. Moore, who gave an interview to the Electronics Magazine in 1965 said that “the number of transistors in microprocessors will double every year”, became the father of the theory that predicted that the processor power would increase exponentially, known as “Moore’s Law”. He is also one of the founders of Intel.

Father number two is Ed Roberts. Ed was originally an electronics engineer and his company Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), which he founded in 1970, soon launched the Altair 8800 personal computer. This initiative has given him the title of “father of personal computers”. He later sold his company and retired.

Our last hero, Tim Berners-Lee, was busy inventing the internet in 1989. Having realized the first successful http protocol communication in March, Tim BL achieved the first internet communication in November of the same year. This earned him the nickname “the father of the internet (www)”. He is currently teaching at Oxford!

Eric Hobsbawn, one of the most important historians of our time, used the term “age of extremes” in his book about the 21st century between 1914-1991. However, the party was just beginning in those years.

After the invention of the WWW, we entered an era like no other. We have progressed a lot since Britannica, especially in knowledge production and access to that knowledge.

The Internet was the tool, the information was content. The speed and technology of “tool” have improved every year, and with the exponential increase in the population that can reach it in the content produced, we have started to use information and content in different fields, the most important of which will of course be commerce. Many inventions in history were made by inventors and entrepreneurs. Of course, many internet initiatives would change people’s lives in the internet and dotcom era and it is still going on faster than ever.

Today, thanks to the legacy of three fathers in this story, we are creating new success stories in tech area.

Let us help your organization to find best tech talents around the world and write your own success story.

Let’s create the future together.

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